This Affirmation is not a requirement for members to join the Allodium Exchange. It is a requirement to become an Affirmed Sovereign Member, in order to stake assets to Allodium, or to become an OG Cred (Ø) stakeholder. Members are awarded with 10@ from the Reserve Account in appreciation for acceding to the Allodium Sovereign Cooperative, through this Affirmation.

Affirmation of Truth, Rights & Responsibility

We, the free and sovereign, living inhabitants of Earth, with consciousness, capacity for reasoning, discernment, and autonomy, do hereby affirm our Earth Rights, our Birth Rights, and our Responsibility to uphold, ensure, and defend the realization of these truths and rights for all Earth inhabitants.

Earth Rights are freedoms inherent to the Earth and the living creatures supported thereby. They are as follows:

Truth- Earth exists inherently, as grounds for the realization of truth through life. Purposeful lies, perversion, and convolution of these realizations violate the Earth Right of Truth.

Health- Earth ecosystems live and self-regulate due to diversity. Practices and toxins that threaten the health of Earth ecosystems violate the Earth Right of Health.

Justice- Earth bears the Right of Karmic Justice, of itself and of the interrelations of its inhabitants; in Truth, in Health, and of their Birth Rights.

Birth Rights are freedoms inherent to all living creatures, by birth, of beating heart. They are as follows:

Right to Life- the right to which shall only be infringed upon as a requirement for survival or self defense.

Right to Liberty- living beings are free to speak, think, do, feel, and experience as they see fit; so long as in so doing does not infringe upon the Birth Rights of another.

Sovereign Right- ultimate authority of the body of any living creature is reserved solely to the sovereign being of that living creature and is transferable only through the consent of that being.

Property Right- generated as the result of labor, transferable through consent, terminated upon death. Identification and proof of Property Right(s) is the responsibility of the individual or community claiming right(s).

Communal Right- individuals are free to form common bonds of organizational structure, based on mutual consent, for common benefit, security, and interests, and are free to break these bonds.

Earth is our provider, without it, we would not exist as such. It is the responsibility of the provider to nurture, teach, guide, and protect their dependant(s) until such time as the dependant is prepared to assume responsibility for themselves.

Earth provides us with resources and unites us in a shared ecosystem. We bear a responsibility to respect the Earth; to utilize its resources sustainably and to the health of Earth ecosystems.

I, ________________________, a free and sovereign, living inhabitant of Earth, with consciousness, capacity for reasoning, discernment and autonomy, do hereby affirm this Affirmation of Truth, Rights & Responsibility.

Signed: _________________________________ Date: