OG Creds

OG Creds (Ø) represent an Affirmed Sovereign Member’s stake in Allodium through re-investment of Appreciation Tokens (@) generated over time, through labor, and/or through staking assets to Allodium to make available to other members of the Cooperative.

OG Creds (Ø) afford the member bearing them a vote in decisions regarding the Cooperative. Each Ø represents one vote, and each Affirmed Sovereign Member can bear a maximum of 168Ø. Each Ø also rewards the member bearing it with 10@/week, generated in their account every Tuesday.

OG Creds (Ø) are generated by Allodial Foundations (∆) in exchange for 1000@ from an Affirmed Sovereign Member. The transaction must receive approval from a majority of Ø stakeholders of that ∆, or by a Delegated Steward of that ∆. The 1000@ received goes into the Reserve Account of that ∆. Affirmed Sovereign Members can transfer ownership of their Ø, with the approval of a majority of Ø stakeholders of the issuing ∆, or by a delegated steward of that ∆. Otherwise, Ø expire when their bearer expires (dies).

To become an Affirmed Sovereign Member of Allodium, members affirm the Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility, found here

See Affirmation