OG Creds (Ø)

OG Creds (Ø) represent an Affirmed Sovereign Member’s stake in Allodium and each Ø is generated in exchange of staking 1000 Appreciation Tokens (@) .

Each Ø generates 10@/week for its Affirmed Sovereign bearer.

Each Affirmed Sovereign member can bear a maximum of 168Ø.

OG Creds (Ø) afford their bearer a weighted vote in collective decisions regarding Allodium. Each Ø represents one vote.

Ø stakeholders require no sponsorship. Additionally, each Ø allows its bearer to sponsor one additional member. A Jedi (168Ø) can thus sponsor 168 members.

Ø are generated by Allodial Foundations (∆) in exchange for 1000@ from an Affirmed Sovereign Member. The transaction must receive approval from another Ø stakeholder.

The 1000@ received goes into the Reserve Account of that ∆.

Ø are non-fungible and unless they are burned, they expire when their bearer expires (dies).

To become an Affirmed Sovereign Member of Allodium, members affirm the Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility, found here: Affirmation