About Allodium

Allodium is a cooperative of sovereigns, with allodia staked to it as its territory, bound by an Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility, which underpins Allodium’s independent judicial system, constituting a sovereign state.

Allodium was formed on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, as OG Foundation, the allodium of Sovereign-Naan, was staked to Allodium as its original allodial foundation and sovereign territory. Allodium is comprised of Sovereign Members, united by a consensus Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility, who form the jury pool for judicial proceedings, as well as members of the Allodium Exchange. Affirmed Sovereign Member OG Cred (Ø) stakeholders bear the right to appeal to the Cooperative to instigate judicial proceedings concerning members of Allodium, their properties and staked allodia, and resolutions concerning external variables, to be resolved, by a consensus of jurors, with a minimum of three and a maximum of twenty-one, with one among them delegated, by consensus, among the jurors, as judge.

Allodium backs an abundance-based monetary system governed by a blockchain protocol, as well as a free market Exchange. Members who are not Affirmed Sovereigns can also register an account and participate in the Exchange and monetary system. The basic unit of currency of the Allodium monetary system is an Appreciation Token (@). Each member generates 1@/day and @ are indivisible. Members who enter into the consensus Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility can exchange 1000@ for 1 OG Cred (Ø) stake in Allodium. Each Ø rewards its owner 10@/week and a weighted vote in the Cooperative. Each member can hold a maximum of 168Ø. Labor exhausted in the development of Allodium generates 10@/hour, once verified by a 50% majority of Ø stakeholders, or a member with that delegated authority.

See Scaling

Voting within Allodium is done voluntarily by OG Cred (Ø) stakeholders. Affirmed Sovereign Members have 1 vote for every Ø they bear. Delegation of votes to a representative can be done voluntarily. There are three tiers of votes within Allodium, corresponding to various decisions

Majority Votes require a 50% majority of Ø stakeholders to approve. Majority Votes relate to verifying the generation of Appreciation Tokens (@) via labor, staking assets, or exchanging @ for Ø.

Super-Majority Votes require a 75% majority of Ø stakeholders to approve. Super-Majority Votes relate to the delegation of Reserve @, updates to existing protocols, and approving delegation of authority (see Scaling).

Consensus Votes require 100% of Ø stakeholders to approve. Consensus votes are required for judicial proceedings, extraneous decisions, and any decisions which bear force.