Allodium Membership

Allodium is a Cooperative comprised of members who are either Affirmed Sovereigns with a stake in Allodium, or whom are sponsored by them.

Every member of Allodium is appreciated and automatically generates 1@ (Appreciation Token) every day, which is credited in their public account.

Allodium Member Tree: OG Cred Stakeholders, in dark blue, are directly branched off of OG∆ , with other members, in lighter blue, branching off of them. Dangling branches are in red.

The growth of Allodium is governed by a Branching Model in which members who have a stake in the Cooperative are able to sponsor additional members.

Affirmed Sovereign Members with OG Creds (Ø) are staked directly to OG Foundation, don’t need a sponsor, and the number of members they can sponsor increases by one for each Ø they hold.

Members who haven’t acceded to the Affirmation as well as Affirmed Sovereign Members who don’t has Ø, are branched off of a member that have Ø.

Members without Ø can only branch to/sponsor other members, by extension of/with the consent of their sponsor.

Members who are unsponsored and have @ become ‘dangling branches’; their account is frozen and they have a 1-year period to find a sponsor before their account is deleted and their @ are burned.

Members of Allodium are afforded with an abundance of Appreciation Tokens (@), with the support of Cooperative members, and with access to the Allodium Exchange.

Any individual who seeks to join Allodium can do so, once sponsored by an existing member with an available branch, and once the individual seeking to join provides a name/pseudonym for their public Allodium Exchange account. The day that this is provided, they will generate their first Appreciation Token.

Members’ freedom and rights are secured by the consensus Affirmation of Truth, Rights & Responsibility, and by the jurisdiction upheld by the Sovereign Cooperative.

Any member who wishes to become an Affirmed Sovereign Member can do so by acceding to the Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility. Affirmed Sovereign Members are responsible for upholding the Affirmation, are eligible to exchange @ for OG Cred(s), are eligible to be a juror in judicial proceedings, and are eligible to access the allodia staked to Allodium, beginning with our first Allodial Foundation (∆), OG∆.