Allodium Whitepaper

The Allodium Protocol is an empowerment (inverse of government); organizing a cooperative of sovereign individuals with shared ideals, through an abundance-based currency and accountability protocol; constituting a free state of sovereigns.


Affirmation of Truth, Rights, & Responsibility (ATRR) = Ideological least-common-denominator, bonding Members to Allodium as Affirmed Sovereigns. The ATRR is the contract by which law is judged and justice is measured in Allodium, and the accession to the ATRR is a requirement for any Member to become a stakeholder in Allodium.

Affirmed Sovereign= A member who has acceded to the ATRR, whom can sponsor one other Member.

Member = Anyone who has created a public account in the Allodium Exchange and is sponsored by an Affirmed Sovereign.

Appreciation Token (@) = the basic unit of currency within the Allodium Protocol. Each Member generates 1@/day in their public account.

OG Cred (Ø) = the basic unit of credit/security, representing an invested stake in Allodium and weighted vote. Only Affirmed Members can hold OG Creds, which are generated by Affirmed Members exchanging 1000@ for 1Ø at an Allodial Foundation. OG Creds generate 10@/week for their beholder, and each Affirmed Sovereign can hold a maximum of 168Ø (Jedi).

Jedi = A fully accredited Sovereign of Allodium, with 168Ø.

Allodial Foundation (∆) = A community center and geographic jurisdiction of Allodium.

Allodium Exchange = The Exchange is the ledger which bears all the public accounts and is viewed by spreadsheet in the weekly blockchain reports.

Protocol for Abundance-Based Currency:

Appreciation Token (@) generation are the forms of incentives within the Allodium Protocol. All @ generation happens in 1 of 3 ways:

Daily Member Appreciation: Each member generates 1@/day, which is credited to their public account daily. Appreciation of our Members is our base incentive.

Hourly Labor Appreciation: Each hour of labor volunteered on behalf of Allodium generates 10@/hr, once validated. This incentives labor invested in Allodium, by appreciating our volunteers.

Weekly Stakeholder Appreciation: Each OG Cred stake in Allodium generates 10@/week, which is credited to the Affirmed Sovereign’s account every Tuesday.


The Allodium Protocol is currently centralized and manually facilitated via weekly blockchain reports. Every Tuesday, Naan volunteers his time to publish the weekly blockchain report, which includes all Exchange activity, proofs of work regarding any labor volunteered in the last week, and any other relevant Allodium updates. Weekly Reports contain a snapshot of the entire Allodium Protocol, and are the precedent from which the current Allodium Protocol has evolved.