Welcome! Allodium is…

A free and sovereign nation-state, currently enclaved in Vermont.

The symbol of Allodium depicts white and red polarities, symbolizing an OG Cred; balanced in an orange triangle, symbolizing an Allodial Foundation; upon the Earth plane, squared by light and air, in a sea of space.

What is Allodium?

Allodium is a cooperative of sovereigns, constituted by an Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility; facilitating a paired abundance-based currency and accreditation blockchain protocol; autonomously administering its domains and adjudicating its jurisdiction; lawfully constituting a free and sovereign nation-state enclaved within the country of Vermont, and secured by the Sovereigns of Allodium.

(4/20/21): Building a façade of ferro-cement arches on top of earth-rammed tire pillars to begin the front-face of OG Found∆tion.
And here’s how the façade of OG Found∆tion turned out by the end of the 2021 build season, crenellations and all!

Let’s unpack that a little…

A cooperative of sovereigns (Sovereign Cooperative) is a number of sovereigns who share a common bond and collaborate toward a common goal.

There are members of Allodium who aren’t affirmed as sovereign, but all of the (OG Cred) stakeholders have affirmed their Sovereign Right. This is done via acceding to the 1-page ideological bond/constitution (ATRR) of Allodium.

The currency of Allodium is comprised of Appreciation Tokens, and the symbol @ is used to represent AT in lieu of, say, the $ symbol. The accreditation tokens are called OG Creds, and the symbol Ø is used to represent OG Creds. Both are secured on a public ledger, which is updated every week on a blockchain.

A blockchain means a chain of blocks; each block representing a ledger of transactions, over the course of a week, of the Allodium Protocol . The blockchain connects the present state of the public ledger, all the way back to the first block, called the genesis block, via a series of consecutive Weekly Blockchain Reports.

The genesis block was published on October 10th 2017, and in it; the first sovereigns acceded to the ATRR; the first Allodial Foundation, OG Foundtion (the allodium of Naan), was staked to Allodium; and the dual currency/accreditation protocol was initiated.

The territory of Allodium is currently comprised entirely of OG Foundtion, an enclave of Vermont. The territory of Allodium can expand in a decentralized way, if/as additional sovereigns choose to stake their own allodium to the Nation-State of Allodium, for mutual benefit and security.

The Allodium Protocol is essentially the ‘rules of the game’. A set of incentivizes which benefit all involved as a source of abundance and a means of peer-reviewed accreditation, with the ATRR as the ‘cornerstone’ of the jurisprudence.

The goal of the Allodium Protocol is to empower and benefit the individuals who voluntarily choose to cooperate; by providing a source of abundance; organizing collective efforts toward common goals; and by uniting around the ideological cornerstone of the Affirmation of Truth, Rights, & Responsibility; thus creating a thriving regenerative culture of responsible sovereign individuals, and ultimately, a culture of Jedi to usher in a golden age…

OG Found∆tion

The Castle on the Hill… The Thin Green Line…

OG Found∆tion is the first Allodial Foundation (∆) of Allodium.

This previously vacant and fallow land was discovered in the country of Vermont and cultivated by Naan starting in 2012, and then settled permanently by him and Spartacus in 2014.

Over the next four seasons, the off-grid property continued to be developed while being permanently occupied and secured; with property lines established, and no competing claimants to the property (deemed as OG Foundation), or to rights in relation to the enclosed land; establishing it as Naan’s allodium.

By 2017, a distinct community of off-grid sovereigns had formed out of OG Foundation (the allodium of Naan), and had lawfully abolished the pre-existing government; replacing it with Allodium, constituted by the unanimous accedence to the ATRR; with OG Foundation staked by Naan as the original Allodial Foundation (OG Found∆tion) encompassing the territory of Allodium.

The Flag of Allodium, represented as currently enclaved within the country of Vermont

Produce from OG Found∆tion; including iodine supplements, natural medicines, grass-fed beef, and recreational substances; are available for purchase using Appreciation Tokens or BitcoinCash, and can be shipped within the United States. Inquire with Naan for additional info.

Appreciation Tokens

Allodium backs an abundance-based monetary system utilizing a currency of Appreciation Tokens (@), hosted in parallel on the Allodium Blockchain, and as a cryptocurrency via the Waves Blockchain under ticker “Allodium AT”.

Trade instantly, and store tokens securely on your computer or smart device

Appreciation Tokens make for a great currency given their abundant nature, and when paired with the Waves wallet, they are secure and frictionless, able to be sent across the internet and around the world instantly, with only a fraction of a cent of transaction fee!

No intermediaries between you and your currency.

Simply download the Waves Exchange wallet to buy and sell Allodium AT for WAVES 24×7!

Store your Seed Phrase wisely, and your funds will never be lost!

The Waves Exchange offers all kinds of DeFi interest-earning options to get your currency working for you!

Instant liquidity 24×7 and a user-friendly app

WAVES tokens can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency, or staked to earn interest, all via the Waves Exchange.

As of December 20th, 2021 (Block#219), the Total Supply of Appreciation Tokens is 361,741@, which includes including 31,579 Allodium AT which are circulating on the Waves Exchange. 

There are a total of 1 million Allodium AT minted on the Waves Exchange Platform. However, Allodium AT only enter into circulation as @ are withdrawn from the Allodium Blockchain, by sending them to the Allodium Reserve, which then sends Allodium AT to the withdrawing member’s Waves Wallet so that they can take full custody of them.

Bitcoin Cash

The plan is to host Appreciation Tokens on the BitcoinCash blockchain as well!

If all goes according to plan, Appreciation Tokens will available to exchange and take custody for on the Bitcoin.com wallet, by the end of 2022.

Weekly Blockchain Reports

Every week, on Tuesday, a report is published which shows the current block of activity over the last week, including the updated ledger, and proof of work of any labor volunteered during that period and resultant property created.

The weekly blockchain reports are published on the Hive Blog blockchain, linked here: https://hive.blog/@allodium

Connect with us on Telegram! The Allodium Announcement Channel has links to all the latest info and chat rooms.

Monthly video updates are posted on Youtube and/or Rumble.

If you would like to acquire Appreciation Tokens and support the Allodium economy, you can currently purchase Allodium AT via the Waves Exchange.

Donations are also accepted via BitcoinCash and 100% of proceeds will go towards supporting Allodium! bitcoincash:qzlptsx873q4ydcy7wgqmzyar3qd7qeu9sg6srvsch