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What is Allodium?

Allodium is a cooperative of sovereigns, bound by an Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility, constituting a sovereign state.

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All CBD Marketplace

Our first Enterprise, All CBD, has Cannabis products available in exchange for Appreciation Tokens (@).

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ØG Found∆tion

The original Allodial Foundation (∆) supports an off-grid community and was staked as the first territory and jurisdiction of Allodium.

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Allodium backs an abundance-based monetary system, utilizing a currency of Appreciation Tokens (@) hosted on the Waves Blockchain

Allodium Appreciation Tokens trade under ticker “Allodium AT” on Waves DEX

Trade Allodium @ on the Waves DEX

Allodium Appreciation Tokens trade on the Waves Decentralized Exchange, the world’s fastest under ticker “Allodium AT”!

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Weekly Blockchain Report

Every Tuesday, a report is published on Steemit which includes the updated ledger of member accounts and @ generation in the previous week.



Waves Wallet

Store and transact Appreciation Tokens from your own wallet using the Waves app!


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