The Allodium Exchange is a free market where the abundance-based monetary system of Appreciation Tokens (@) are transacted for goods, services, and assets which are offered by other members. Each member of Allodium has a unique account into which their daily @ are generated. The ledger of @ generation is governed by a blockchain protocol of weekly reports for transparency and veracity. Members of the Allodium Exchange are not required to be affirmed sovereigns of Allodium in order to participate in the abundance-based monetary system and generate their daily @.


The blockchain protocol is a ledger which accounts for the generation of Appreciation Tokens (@) and the transactions thereof. Each weekly ledger report, which accounts for @ generation and transactions of the previous week, is referred to as a block. The collection of weekly blocks is referred to as a blockchain. The genesis block was created on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, when OG Found∆tion was staked to Allodium, generating the first OG Cred (Ø) stake in Allodium, and the first transaction on the Allodium Exchange. Blocks of the previous week are available for all members to review for the purpose of accountability, and correction of potential errors. Blocks older than 2 weeks are immutable.