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To store, transact, and trade Allodium Appreciation Tokens on your mobile device, download the Waves Wallet App (Waves – Bitcoin Wallet). To access the Waves platform from a PC, set up your wallet here When setting up your wallet, It is very important to write down your Seed Phrase in a place which will be stored safely, as the Seed Phrase is the only means to recover assets on your Waves wallet if your device is lost. Once a wallet is setup, the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) can be accessed, and “Allodium AT” can be searched to find the WAVES/Allodium AT and the BTC/Allodium AT trading pairs. Since transactions on the Waves Platform require a small amount of Waves, the WAVES/Allodium AT trading pair is used primarily, but it is possible to trade BTC directly for Allodium AT.

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Interested in volunteering at OG Found∆tion?
OG Found∆tion development opportunities lie primarily in the growing and building season between May & October. Projects ranging from construction, earthworks, gardening, permaculture, food processing and storage, animal care, painting, working for All CBD, and much more can be experienced hands-on, developing member’s off-grid skills. Since OG Found∆tion is staked to Allodium, all work done developing OG Found∆tion generates 10@/hour, credited to the laboring member’s account.
To inquire about work potentials in the following season, membership, member interest in staking their projects to Allodium, through OG Found∆tion, so that work on the project can be rewarded with @ generation, or other queries, contact Sovereign Naan via Telegram at