As Allodium grows in membership over time, an abundance of generated Appreciation Tokens (@), will lead to an abundance of Affirmed Sovereign Members with OG Creds (Ø), leading to further abundance of @ which, in addition to their exchange value for goods, services, and assets. Appreciation Tokens can be staked to found Allodial Roots (√), Guild Enterprises (π), and Foundations (∆); allodial properties which will provide for the allodials of Allodium!

1@ = daily reward generated for Allodium members as appreciation of their membership

10@ = hourly reward generated for labor exhausted on behalf of Allodium, verified by majority Ø, or by member with delegated authority to verify work on respective √, π, or ∆

100@ = 1 Ag Coin minted by Allodium, design and weight determined by ∆, @ exchanged for coin are deposited in issuing ∆Reserve Account, and coin trades as 100@

1000@ = 1 OG Cred (Ø) stake in Allodium, generates 10@/week for its bearer, represents a weighted vote in Allodium, allows additional member branching, requires member accede to Affirmation of Truth, Rights & Responsibility, maximum of 168∅/member

10,000@ = 1 Allodial Root (√) residence & 4-season life-sustaining property of an Affirmed Sovereign Member, staked to Allodium along with 10,000@ through a ∆, the member staking the √ becomes the Squire, with the the delegated authority to verify work done on the √ which generates 10@ for the member exhausting the labor, Squire can transfer authority temporarily or position permanently, if √ is abandoned by its Squire, an allodial resident can be elected Squire by super-majority ∅ vote

100,000@ = 1 Guild House (π) enterprise, which cultivates a tradecraft in practice, accepts apprentices to educate and employ, a physical property of an Affirmed Sovereign Member housing the guild, staked to Allodium along with 100,000@ through a ∆, the member staking the π becomes the Master of the enterprise, with the delegated authority to verify @ generation of work done on behalf of the π including cultivation of craft, education of apprentices, and practice of craft, Master can transfer authority temporarily or position permanently, if π is abandoned by its Master, an experienced replacement can be elected Master by super-majority ∅ vote

1,000,000@ = 1 Allodial Foundation (∆), sovereign territory sustaining and nurturing a community which holds it in allodium, hosts an Exchange, generates Ø in exchange for 1000@, maintains jurisdiction of members branched from it, properties staked to it, and its Exchange; holds court when judicial proceedings are called for, can delegate Representative(s) with a majority of Ø (min 10Ø), can delegate Leader(s) with supermajority of Ø (min 100Ø), can delegate Reformer with consensus of Ø (min 1000∅); Representatives, Leaders, and Reformers have delegated authorities of their respective majorities, until such time as their Ø support is withdrawn; ∆ are autonomous yet united by common Affirmation of Truth, Rights, & Responsibility; responsible for verifying staked assets; minting, holding, and exchanging Ag Coins; verifying 1 member:1 Exchange account; member staking 1,000,000@ on behalf of community generates the first Ø of that ∆

Each ∆ forks a new Appreciation Token Blockchain with new Ø generated, new coinage, and new & physical properties. In time, An Allodium ∆ Exchange (∆X) will allow each ∆ @ Blockchain to reach a free-market valuation relative to each other, in order to facilitate exchange/trade.