Set and Setting

What is allodium? A concept lost to history, erased by conquering powers who drove allodials from their allodia by force… In a time when free people existed, unbeholden to overlords. When people owned their property, their beings, and their claims to their land absolutely, and bore responsibility for them accordingly.

Before the rise of post-feudal statism; re-constituting post-Roman Europe into familial monarchies, paying fealty to their ‘holy father’ in the Vatican… Long before the rise of nations and central banks laying claim to the entire landmass of the earth, extorting rent from all the inhabitants…

Thistory starts in what ‘history’ calls the ‘Dark Ages’. The time after the collapse of the empire which ruled by force. In the absence of overlords (rulers/governors), people must govern themselves. In the absence of a centralized axis of power dominating the will of men, they return to their nature. To nature.

Allodium refers to the property and estate (allodia) of free people (allodials), who are not the subjects of overlords. People who own their allodium (allodiaries) own their property absolutely; they pay no taxes, rent, dues, or fealty to any overlord, they retain all of their natural rights, are sovereign unto themselves and are, in a word, free.

In the ‘Dark Ages’, independent people living freely in their allodium was common. There were vast swathes of land, especially amongst the Frankish and Germanic tribes, where there were no kings, barons, or knights enforcing their hierarchical systems of fealty and taxation; extorting the commoners (peasants/serfs) with dues and services extracted by their overlords.

People built their homes, owned their estates in absolute independence, and cooperated in small communities to maximize their quality of life and thrive. The common resources of the locality, provided by natural law, became the shared claim of the community, who was dependent upon them. Communities thrived or faltered by their coexistence and stewardship of the commons, as well as by their harmonious relations with each other (or lack-thereof). Out of this natural development, communities established natural systems of inter-relations, which later became known as common law. The law of the commons, by the commoners.

Out of the commons, lots of land were allocated to/by individuals/families and guaranteed by the will of the community/tribe and by the common law. The lot of land and the estate built upon it became the allodium of the individual/family, independent of any superiors and free of any property right restrictions. Since the individual/family was solely responsible for their allodium and they bore that responsibility for life, they had the vested interest in being fruitful stewards of their portion of the commons. And since the entire community was made up of free people and their allodia, the commons was stewarded by individuals with common interests, and cooperative interrelations.

Sovereign Naan, [24.01.19 03:09]
As a wise one once said, “Never underestimate the power of the dark side.” Force, when utilized for evil, extorts, dominates, enslaves, and crushes free people. The knights/agents of the dark side utilize fear to their advantage in order to garner the absolute submission of their vassals. They use force to aggress, pillage, and conquer in the name of their overlord. They enforce a fictitious ‘legal’ system in order to perpetuate the subservience of the constituents who serve them. They loathe independence, and embrace normalcy, requiring their cohort to dress in uniform, and pledge their fealty repetitiously. They detest nature and systemically program an unnatural culture into the adulterated masses. They destroy historic relics and rewrite the past in the image of their present perversions. They lust for power and personal advancement as they work to extract the value from nature and alchemize it into sterile units of perceived riches. They claim the rights of the commons, and ransom them back to the people as licenses, permits, and privileges. They centralize all authority, right, and recourse into agents of their matrix of control. They steal the people’s allodia and erase the concept from the lexicon so that the people have no understanding of what it means to be truly free. The pernicious advances of the dark forces of statism stamped out the people’s freedom and allodium over centuries of feudalism during the Dark Ages and scrubbed them from the record. With the application of force, the psychological warfare of fear, and the use of fictitious legal systems created to empower the feudal hierarchy, the unorganized and disparate free people of Europe and the wider world succumbed to the ever-concentrating dominance and power of the state.

Now, in our time, communities are faltering. Earth’s ecosystems are being systematically raped and lack responsible stewards. The people have been so adulterated that they think they are free as they live as vassals, paying rent, dues, and taxes to their government simply to live. Jumping through hoops for licenses, permits, and rights; all of which are the inherent inheritance of free people. The interrelations of the people of the nation, and between nations is fraught with conflict, aggression, and warfare. We are ever on the brink of self destruction, as we have developed weapons capable of destroying the entire ecosystem of life on Earth. We have simultaneously exterminated a majority of the life and diversity on Earth- true value- in our quest to centralize power and riches in a handful of perverse individuals. Supranational zombie corporations rule, with more rights than humans, speaking with $ and feeding off the life force of the living people… We balance precariously at the tipping point of the survival of our global organism; so infested with parasites, that any pocket of abundance or transcendent innovation which favors symbiosis is scourged in the interest of the zombie culture that we have allowed to dominate our minds, our lives, and our common heritage.

The time of Allodium is at hand.

An idea is the most powerful force and a pen is mightier than a sword. In this time of parasitic corporations, we require symbiotic, regenerative cooperatives. In this time when we live as vassals, with our natural rights infringed, incorporated and disenfranchised straight out of the womb, we require a resurgence of recognition of individual sovereignty, with a respect for the sanctity of the natural body. In this time of debt-based money and its culture of perversion and scarcity, we require a monetary system which mirrors the natural abundance of thriving ecosystems. In this time when our shared ecology is rapidly racing towards extermination, we require responsible stewards who will nurture their lot of the commons with future generations in mind. In this time of the reign of darkness, we require Allodium. A cooperative of sovereigns, backing an abundance-based monetary system, uniting around an Affirmation of Truth, Rights, and Responsibility underpinning an independent judiciary, and forming a free state of sovereigns. Recognizing our inherent freedom and right to live in our allodium and cultivate our lot in life, we can collectively regenerate the ecology which we share and realize our natural place within it.

An idea which starts from the ground-up; one sovereign individual and allodium at a time; until our communities are healthy; our shared ecology is restored to its former glory; and our individual beings are free to be, unencumbered by fictitious bonds to corporate overlords.

The evolution has already begun. I write to you from Allodium, as a sovereign in my allodium. I write to you on Tuesday, the day when the weekly reports of Allodium’s abundance-backed monetary system are published for all members to review and verify. I write as I am simultaneously thinking of projects in the next season which I will partake to continue the restoration of my lot of the commons and further the abundance of my estate, my allodium. I will travel later today to help my neighbor sugar, without a license, without registering or insuring my right to travel. I will trade my time for units of exchange without paying dues (taxes) to any overlords. I will do it all in faith, without fear of overlords, agents of their matrix, and enforcers of their parasitic zombie corporations. I am free, and I am not alone.